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Clinical Laboratory Consultant Opportunities

Visiting Medical Offices Selling Laboratory Services

Using your existing relationships, you’ll call offices to onboard locations for our Ancillary Testing & Diagnostic Services.

   Healthcare Testing Solutions represents one of the first in the field of Pharmacogenomic Testing offering in-practice testing services to Practitioners’ across the United States.

   We are an ancillary testing & diagnostic company for physicians, medical locations, offering a completely turnkey no stress approach for all testing requirements.

   Our flagship Metabolic DNA testing saves lives by helping doctors prescribe the right medication in the right dosage on the first attempt; taking the guesswork and the trial & error out of prescribing for their patients. Our reports are precise and provides the physicians with actionable data for prescribing what medication works for what person.


  3-5 years book of business with physicians and medical practices.

  The ability to cover and manage a territory within 100 miles of your current location.

  Your knowledge of medical protocols, including HIPAA, STARK Laws and Anti-Kickback regulations are our emphasis.

The conclusion is best results provided through science.

PGx | Tox/Medication Montoring | Blood Wellness | Allergy Testing & Immunotherapy

Dietary Antigen Testing | Hormone Testing | Medication Monitoring

| Women’s Health | Cancer Testing |


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