Why Get Tested

Are the medicines I’m taking working?

Can I metabolize the medicine I’m taking?  We can give you scientific answers. You’ll we feel better. Medicines work, but the unmetabolized toxicity in your body is what makes you feel bad.     

Why do I have so many side effects from the drugs I take? 

Why am I unable to find a medication that will actually work for me

Each person responds differently to medications.   

HTS provides a Metabolic DNA Test to help determine how individuals process or metabolize, different common medications. 

Cancer Test DNA Sequencer


A simple swab test in your doctor’s office and you’ll be on your way to feeling better.

Medications do work they just need to be metabolized properly.

Our report will provide your physician with actionable-data that will lead to better and more effective treatment options for you.

This metabolic DNA testing. Personalized medicine has arrived.